Tribes at The Baptist College of Florida

BCF Service Tribes (Zebulun and Issachar) are set to bridge any gaps between the BCF family and the Graceville community by faithfully serving.  The two Tribes are based on and named after the biblical tribes of Israel.  They not only serve in the community but strive to serve each other building close friendships.


Purpose & Mission

Tribes provides opportunities for students to get into the neighborhoods of Graceville, Florida, and share the gospel. God has commanded His people to love their neighbors and share the gospel with those around them, and this is one of the ways BCF students accomplish that goal. 

Tribes also promotes academic excellence and Christ-like character in the members. Through serving together, deep relationships are formed with fellow classmates advancing the culture of BCF to look more like Jesus. Tribes provides students a place to be creative and express themselves while serving those around them. 

Upcoming Tribes Events

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