BCF Scholarships

Scholarships for the 23-24 Academic Year

BCF Scholarships Application
BCF Scholarship Requirements

Cloer Scholarship

For Dr. Cloer’s first full academic year incoming class.  Limited to 50 students.  All majors are eligible, but must be a Graceville Campus student. 

Freshman | $4,000 academic year
Sophomore | $3,000 academic year
Junior | $2,000 academic year
Senior | $1,000 academic year

Florida Baptist Church Staff Scholarship

$2,500 academic year
Must be on staff at a Florida Southern Baptist church.  Limited to 50 students.  All majors are eligible.

Florida Baptist Scholarship

$500 academic year
Must be a member of a Florida Southern Baptist Church. Limited to 200 students.  All majors are eligible.

Strickland Scholarship

$1,500 academic year
Returning students on campus.  Limited to 75 students.  All majors are eligible.

Miami Scholarship

$2,500 academic year
Bachelors of Ministry Studies majors only.  Limited to 20 students.

Oney Scholarship

$1,000 academic year
Must be an African-American student.  All majors are eligible with priority given to Ministry Studies students.  Limited to 20 students.

Black Multicultural Scholarship

$5,000 per year
Requires minimum of 1-year multicultural training through the Florida Baptist Convention.  Limited to 5 students.  All majors are eligible.


  1. Full-time students get priority.
  2. Awarded based on application received date order.
  3. Florida Baptist will receive priority over non-Florida Baptists.

  • To be eligible for a particular scholarship you must satisfy all of the requirements outlined in each scholarship description.
  • You will be considered for as many scholarships on the attached list as you are eligible.
  • To apply, return application by June 1, 2023 for consideration.
  • Completed scholarship applications can be mailed to:

The Baptist College of Florida
Attn:  Financial Aid
5400 College Drive
Graceville, FL 32440

or emailed to sepowell@baptistcollege.edu

  • Only submit one application to apply for all scholarships listed on the “Scholarship Opportunities” list.
  • Make sure all of the blanks are completed accurately on the application.
  • Only the applications that arrive completed with all required attachments will be considered for funding. If you have questions, contact the Financial Aid Office (850) 263-3261 ext 461 or email sepowell@baptistcollege.edu or come to the Financial Aid Office. Please do not wait until deadline day if you need assistance.