President's Welcome

Greetings from BCF President Thomas A. Kinchen

We as a society have never had such great opportunities to impact the world. With new technologies we have instant access to an abundance of information that was unimaginable only a few years ago. Yet with all of the advances, we seem less prepared than ever to deal with the issues of life.

The Baptist College of Florida is reaching out through international study opportunities, distance learning sites, internet delivery systems, and many other innovative methods. We are also offering top quality education and training through our home campus in Graceville, Florida. Our single purpose is to educate and train those individuals whom God has called to serve Him in a multitude of forms and places around the world. The diversity of service is as big as the mind and heart of God. The urgency for trained workers is as great as the need of the marketplace.

The stage is set. Anticipation is great. The needs of the world are monumental. The faculty, staff and programs of instruction are operating. The only question is whether you will join in this great adventure at this pivotal time in history. We invite you to review the information in this website, contact us for further information, and most importantly, join us in this great enterprise. The calendar is turning to a lot of unknowns. Join us in sharing the One who is known and seeks to be known to all who will hear.

Thomas A. Kinchen