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BCF Press Release



September 29, 2016

Press Photo

BCF First Lady Ruth Ann Kinchen and Ms. Gail Floyd provide homemade cookies and goodies for the entire BCF campus!

Excitement filled the air and appetites were more than satisfied September 14, as Resident Directors (RDs) distributed containers filled with delicious, homemade cookies made by The Baptist College of Florida (BCF) First Lady into the dorms and buildings around the campus. At the beginning of every semester, BCF First Lady Ruth Ann Kinchen and several of her closest friends spend days baking hundreds of cookies and goodies especially for BCF students.

Ms. Ruth Ann has been adamant and determined over the years to bring a little warmth into the busy schedules of BCF students in the form of homemade goodies. Initially, the cookies and homemade goodies were provided to all of the dorms on campus, but in an effort to make sure no one was left out, Kinchen provides containers of goodies in every building on the campus to make sure married students, off-campus students, faculty, and staff can enjoy the treats.

For students living on the Graceville campus, cookie day is a heartfelt reminder that they are deeply loved and prayed for by Kinchen. "It really made me feel cared about because Mrs. Kinchen spent hours of her time making these delicious cookies for us," stated BCF Freshman Mike Baker. "The Kinchen’s are amazing people and cookie day is just another way that they show students how much they care."

BCF students truly appreciate all of the time, expense and effort Kinchen and her friends put into making students' lives a little bit sweeter and reminding them of home. For more information about The Baptist College of Florida, please call 800.328.2660 or visit the website at www.baptistcollege.edu.