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About BCF Section

Website Privacy Statement

Revised 9/10/2009


The Baptist College of Florida (BCF) privacy statement applies to the College's primary domain name ( and all its sub domains, including MyBCF ( These separate domains are referred to collectively as the BCF Website. BCF strives to protect users' privacy and confidential information. BCF will make efforts to ensure that changes to this privacy statement are reflected on the BCF home page. However, the failure of BCF to post changes to this privacy statement shall not prevent any changes from becoming effective in any instance, whether retroactively or prospectively.

Data Collection and Usage

BCF collects data from users to help fulfill the mission of the College. The information collected by BCF is voluntarily provided by the user in connection with the completion of online forms or by the user's web browser to facilitate communication with the BCF Website. Collected information is not sold, loaned, or shared with outside entities except where required by law or to fulfill the mission of the College. BCF complies with the federal Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act (FERPA) which protects student records. Please refer to BCF's FERPA policy for information about the release of student directory information.

General Internet Information

BCF cannot guarantee the privacy of any data while in transit to or from the BCF Website. Information submitted through forms on the BCF Website containing Social Security numbers or credit card information is protected through HTTPS encryption. Also, all transactions and information passed through MyBCF are encrypted. However, users of wireless Internet access are at greater risk of personal information being revealed.


Cookies are used to assist with the technical operation of the BCF Website. If the user chooses to disallow cookies, certain portions of the BCF Website may become unavailable to the user.


BCF processes online transactions through a third-party gateway. These transactions are encrypted.

External Links:

BCF is not responsible for website content, security, or protection of personal information on links found on the BCF Website to outside agencies or entities.


BCF is not responsible for the privacy of any email messages. Users are advised that most email sent over the Internet is insecure and that, as a result, users should assume that email communications may not be private.

Log Files:

The BCF Website tracks generic network information to monitor trends in traffic and for security purposes. Information tracked includes but is not limited to:

  • IP Addresses
  • Web Browser Type
  • Page Hit Counts
  • Date
  • Time

This information is generally tracked and monitored by most websites, including BCF's, and is not ordinarily associated with any specific user's personal information.

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)

Information about FERPA may be found on the US Department of Education Website at BCF makes every attempt to fully comply with FERPA and does not release student information without the permission of the student except as allowed by law.

Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA)

To comply with COPPA, children under the age of 13 should not submit any information to BCF without parental consent.

Agreement with the BCF Privacy Statement:

By using the BCF Website, you consent to the BCF Privacy Statement.


  • Cookies - Normally a text file stored on your computer by a website containing information about you to facilitate further communications with the website.
  • Encrypted/Encryption - A process for obscuring data transmitted over the Internet to protect the confidentiality of the information. Encryption enhances but may not guarantee the security of confidential information.