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About BCF Section

Information Technology

Welcome to The Baptist College of Florida!

The Baptist College of Florida provides Information Systems to meet operational, financial, and academic needs. These resources are valuable, and their abuse can have a far-reaching negative impact. The IT department is responsible for balancing the need for security with practical application.

The mission statement for the Information Technology (IT) department includes the charge to facilitate computing services that allow BCF to accomplish its mission of educating and training ministers and other religious workers. As such, it may not be appropriate to support all the technology services that are available in a home use environment on the Graceville campus. Resources including the wireless service on the Graceville campus are maintained for the purpose of fulfilling this mission; any other uses are not supported and may be restricted and/or disabled at any time.

Support for Personally Owned Hardware and Software

IT does not provide support for systems owned by individuals. The Baptist College of Florida?s Computer and Information Systems Policy (CISP) Link will open in a new window does not allow IT to support student-owned systems.

Lost or Forgotten Passwords

If you have lost or forgotten your password, send an email to that includes your first and last name, phone number where you can be reached, your student ID number, and a statement requesting your password.

myBCF - The Baptist College of Florida's online campus

myBCF is The Baptist College of Florida’s online campus, where you will register for classes, check your grades, view campus groups, access online portions of courses, and more.

Your “User Name” for myBCF will be your ID number; the password will be sent to you from the IT department during your admissions process.

After you log in please read the "Getting Started", "Student Navigation", and “Forms and Guides” topics on the left sidebar for tips about using myBCF.

The Student Computing Guide, beginning on page 6, contains some more information regarding computer requirements for myBCF.

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Wireless Service (Graceville Campus)

The Baptist College of Florida operates a wireless internet access service, "BCF WiFi" and "BCF WiFi 5G", which is available in most areas of the Graceville Campus. The wireless service is available for use by current students, alumni, faculty, and staff.

*Please Note: Your network logon account will be created at the beginning of the first semester for which you are admitted or re-admitted. It will remain active as long as you remain a current BCF student, not subject to the BCF readmissions policy.

To use the service, an 802.11b/g (Wi-Fi) card or device is required. Most notebooks, PDAs, handheld PCs, and some desktop computers come with wireless connectivity. If one does not come with a wireless card, usually an 802.11b/g wireless adapter can be added. Contact your hardware manufacturer for more details about your specific device.

Some further information about this service can be found starting on page 11 of the 'Student Computing Guide' document.