In the early 1940’s, a group of concerned pastors joined together with a common burden and vision.  Their burden was to help those pastors and other church leaders who did not have college degrees but who needed seminary-type training.  Their vision was to establish a school that would provide a mixture of Bible and general education courses for these God-called men and women.  The result, in 1943, was the founding of Florida Baptist Institute in Lakeland, Florida. Two years later the name was changed to Baptist Bible Institute (BBI).

In 1953, BBI leaders moved the school to Graceville, Florida, and in 1957 the Florida Baptist State Convention assumed ownership and control.  Over the years, the college’s leaders have continued to expand and strengthen academic resources.

Throughout its history, the college has never lost sight of its original target group-those men and women, frequently called later in life, who seek college training that leads directly to Christian ministry.  To ensure them acceptable credentials in the churches and to broaden the base of study, the baccalaureate degree program was added in 1976.  Associate degrees were added in 1988.  By then the school had long surpassed its earlier academic composition and the name of the institution was changed in 1988 to Florida Baptist Theological College. Growth has continued in all areas of the college with the addition of numerous degree programs, areas of study and delivery systems. Therefore, as a more accurate reflection of the college’s academic character, the name of the institution was changed in 2000 to The Baptist College of Florida (BCF). In 2010, The Baptist College of Florida was approved to offer graduate degrees.


College Hymn
"Tell Me The Story of Jesus"
Words by Fannie Crosby, Tune by John Sweney

College Motto
"Changing the World Through the Unchanging Word.®"

College Colors
Crimson and gold

College Mascot
BCF Eagle – Izzy