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Everyone loves a good return. In 1995 it was Michael Jordan returning to play for the Chicago Bulls. In Scripture we read of the return of the prodigal son who is lavished with the grace and kindness of his father. For the Georgia Bulldogs it was their return to prominence after not winning the national championship for more than 40 years. And at The Baptist College of Florida, it is the return of Dr. Shawn Buice, one of the most beloved professors at BCF in recent memory. If you don’t believe that just ask any student who was on-campus for his first tenure at the college, which culminated in a movement among our students to have him as a 2016 Presidential candidate, but due to time constraints the efforts were pushed back to 2020. And if that is not enough for you there may even be a tribute to the “Buice man” in a song created by some freshmen guys a few years ago.

Dr. Buice returns to the college as the Executive Director of Student Life and Professor of New Testament and Practical Theology. With his bachelor’s degree in Political Science from the University of Georgia, a MDiv and PhD from Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary, and decades of service in the pastorate, cross-cultural missions, and theological education, Dr. Buice brings an academically credible, theologically-sound, and big picture perspective to the college that is indispensable. As a leader he expects excellence from himself and those he leads and strives to provide everything his coworkers need to excel at the task at hand. His desire is to be a part of forming a culture in which each student understands that they are valued and can excel in the pursuit of their education. Along with that his aim is to foster an environment where students enjoy and can thrive on campus whether they are studying, eating, playing, or resting. 

If you know Dr. Buice then you know that he loves to be around students, especially in the classroom setting, and enjoys being a part of the transformational educational process that occurs when students sit under the authority of God’s good and trustworthy word. He considers it a humbling honor to be a part of training and impacting the next generation of leaders who will glorify Christ and serve His church. His enjoyment of teaching comes from two springs of joy. First of all, he is a man who loves God’s word. To him, the opportunity to teach the truths of Scripture is both humbling and exciting. Secondly, he loves interacting with students and engaging the topics of biblical truth, missions, and hermeneutics. Like any good professor, he enjoys a good book. He reads widely in the fields of history, leadership, theology, and biographies. Yet there are some specific books that have shaped him over the years. “The Pursuit of Holiness” by Jerry Bridges challenged him during his college years top consider his walk with Christ in ways that he never had before that time. “The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership” by John Maxwell and “Spiritual Leadership” by Henry and Richard Blackaby helped him grow and develop as a leader and are well worth reading. “Team of Rivals” written by Doris Kearns Goodwin gave him insight on Abraham Lincoln’s presidency and how he constructed his cabinet. Then there is “The Hermeneutical Spiral” which was written by Grant Osborne and has aided Dr. Buice in consistently and carefully practicing the discipline of interpreting and teaching God’s word with great care.

If you didn’t know him then now you do! So please join The Baptist College of Florida in welcoming back the hermeneutical master, big vision caster, Executive Director of Student Life, Dr. Shawn Buice.

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