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The Moran family from Oviedo, Fla., recently donated twenty-two new bikes for students to use at The Baptist College of Florida (BCF) through an initiative call “Bikes from Mike” in remembrance of the late Mike Moran. A beloved husband, father, and friend, Mike passed away in 2019 and left a legacy of providing bikes to those in need that continues through his wife Sandi, son Tim, and family friends. Mike’s family and many friends joined BCF students and staff on February 14 in the BCF Wellness Center as they put together the bikes and dedicated them to Lord to be used on the campus.

Sandi and Tim shared that Mike worked at Goodwill Industries and assisted many lower income families. His job was to find them employment but he noticed there was another issue: many had no transportation, whether that was due to financial hardships or legal issues that resulted in losing their license. He began locating and giving away bikes to these families, for free, in order to allow them to work. He extended this ministry and provided bikes to strangers and any others he encountered in need.

Mike’s son, Tim, a successful lawyer, heard about BCF while meeting with legal clients in the local area. He reached out to BCF Financial Consultant and Business Professor Pete Chamberlain to see if “Bikes from Mike” would meet a need on the BCF campus. Overjoyed with the idea, faculty, students, and staff eagerly helped to put the donated bikes together and expressed what a tremendous blessing added to the campus on Valentine’s Day. 

For more information on “Bikes from Mike” or updates on how this impacts our students, please visit our website at www.baptistcollege.edu.

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