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At The Baptist College of Florida (BCF), fellowship is often fostered with fun activities including the most recent event held on August 25, BCM Trivia Night. The semiannual event is hosted by the Baptist Collegiate Ministry (BCM) and held in the BCF Wellness Center. This semester, the trivia challenge was well attended, with forty-three students eager to participate. After being assigned a color (team), the seven competing teams were allowed to come up with their own creative name which in itself was entertaining. Team names included the Hungry Hippos, the Puppies, the Blue Angels, the Blue Team, the Super Shrek’s, Fourth Place, and Pink-alicious.

The rules were simple, BCM Coordinator Daniel Shenning provided a series of eight questions on a given topic and each team had a sheet of paper and three minutes to record their answers. Residence Assistants (RAs) canvassed the area to ensure that no one used their cell phones and that scores were calculated fairly. The question topics included everything BCF history, sports, “guess that tune”, movie quotes, and more. Once the timer sounded, white-board officiant Kevin Honeycutt tallied up the scores for each team.

The winning team for the evening was the Hungry Hippos and their prize consisted of quarters for the coin laundry, a very welcomed gift for any dormitory student. BCF students that participated and those that were watching stated they had a great time and enjoyed the short break from studying. Events like Trivia Night are held throughout the semester for on campus and off-campus students providing a “home away from home” atmosphere and short respite from classes.

For more information on events held at The Baptist College of Florida or on how to apply, please call 800.328.2660 or visit the website at www.baptistcollege.edu.

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