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On September 7, the Baptist Collegiate Ministry (BCM) at The Baptist College of Florida (BCF) in Graceville, hosted the first campus wide bake-off contest. The bake-off was held in the gazebo located in the center of the campus where contestants brought “sweet” dishes of all types to be entered into the competition. There were 10 dishes presented ranging from cookies, pies, and brownies. Some of the dishes were baked as a team effort (cooking partners) with a chance to be named the bake-off champion.

The desserts were judged based on appearance, taste, and overall presentation. The unbiased judges including two professors and one staff member, circled the table and tasted each dessert to determine which dish met all of the criteria to be considered the best.  According to BCM Director Daniel Shenning, “The bake off was a complete success! We had a lot of fantastic desserts, but more importantly we had a lot of fun. We are thankful for all the contestants and judges that make fun events like this happen!”

The decision was made that all of the bake-off participants were winners and that the “Emily and Emily” cooks came in first place. The night ended with an impromptu time of student led praise and worship. After sampling desserts, several students went to their dorm rooms and returned with their musical instruments to lead in a sweet time of worship in the gazebo. “At BCF there is no right and wrong time to come together to worship the Lord,” stated BCF Senior Kerrie Edwards. “The heart of the students who attend BCF pour out their love for the Savior without even being prompted or planned. It was a sweet night indeed.”

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