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For several years, The Baptist College of Florida (BCF) in Graceville, Fla., has hosted an elegant and fun dining experience called an Evening of Class for students that participated in an etiquette class taught on campus. The etiquette class exposes students to appropriate attire to be worn at special events or business meetings, basic manners expected at a formal dinner, and a multitude of etiquette tips to help prepare them for future occasions after graduation. In preparation for the formal dining event on campus, students learned specifics about white tie formals, black tie formals, banquet dress codes, table manners, and the important rule of RSVP.

Having completed the class and successfully registering to attend, students were ready to enjoy the elegant evening on campus and put to use the information they had learned. With flowing gowns and dashing suits, students were greeted by faculty and staff as they entered the beautifully decorated banquet hall on March 15. Students were served their choice of chicken cordon bleu or steak which was plated and delivered carefully by their professors and staff members. For dessert, everyone enjoyed delicious cheesecake followed by a heart-felt welcome and brief entertainment.

BCF President Thomas A. Kinchen and First Lady Ruth Anne were seated at the head table and students watched carefully taking their etiquette cues for the evening from them. A beautifully lit backdrop was available for pictures and in spite of the unexpected rain, students were dressed to impress and followed every directive learned in the etiquette class. Kinchen offered a final prayer concluding the enjoyable Evening of Class thanking students for attending, thanking professors and staff for serving, and applauding the catering staff for a delicious meal. 

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