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Preparing and equipping students to fulfill the Great Commission is one of the primary goals of The Baptist College of Florida (BCF) and it is exciting to see that happening in the lives of the students. One of those students is Mary Klein who spent the fall semester on mission in London. Her journey was full of trusting God through the unexpected and relying on Him to use her wherever she was.

Klein is a senior Biblical Studies major at BCF from Lakeland, Fla., and felt the call to the mission field early on in her preparation. Last year, she applied with the International Mission Board (IMB) and was accepted to go to Russia for a semester. Klein had already begun raising support for her trip when the IMB withdrew missionaries from Russia for security reasons, just a few months before she was supposed to leave. Thankfully, Klein was reassigned to London which was a source of both joy and anxiety; joy because her sister and brother-in-law, Ross and Sarah Ponder, both BCF alumni, are missionaries in London; anxiety because she didn’t know what this new assignment would look like and where her financial support would come from. Amazingly, much of the financial support she received were large, anonymous donations that came during those times of the unknown. “All the moments I felt anxious, the Lord showed He was providing not only financially but emotionally as well,” shared Klein.

Finally, the big day arrived and Klein was flying alone and internationally for the very first time. Fortunately, the IMB was very supportive with all of the logistical details of actually getting her to London. Upon arrival, Klein stayed with two other young women who served with her and they all became very dear friends. According to Klein, they spent much of their time together on “the tube” (the subway system) because as they say in London, “London is an hour away from London.” The mission team met weekly with supervisors and daily with either missionary families or journeymen who guided them as they helped with evangelistic efforts.

Klein noted that the mission field in London was quite dynamic because there were many people groups and they naturally segregate. Klein lived and worked in a Jewish area while her sister lives and works in a predominately Muslim area. She shared that it was very overwhelming at times as she faced some expected challenges, like rejection of the gospel; and some unexpected challenges, such as differences in missional strategies. Through all of her experiences, she learned of the heavy spiritual darkness present in London as well as of the Lord’s provision through missionaries and His church. Klein concluded her thoughts by asking us to “Earnestly pray for our missionaries. That is the greatest need they have!”

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