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The Baptist College of Florida (BCF) is committed to training a generation deeply rooted in and determined to do the will of God. A living testimony of this commitment is Dr. Luz Estelle Rosado Méndez. Dr. Méndez is an alumna of BCF and pursued her education all the way from her home in Utuado, Puerto Rico. Dr. Méndez’s life is an encouragement to all and serves as a beautiful testimony of the work God is doing in her life.

Dr. Méndez, alongside her sister, has always felt a call to pursue worship ministry but faced great limitations in accomplishing this in Puerto Rico. As she put it, the only help she had was, “God, Google, and YouTube,” but she never let this stop her from pursuing the call that God had on her life. She received a Bachelor of Arts in Elementary School from the University of Puerto Rico in 2016. In 2016, she also enrolled with BCF to complete a Bachelor of Arts in Music. While working towards the completion of her music degree at BCF, she was impacted by Hurricane Irma, which devasted Puerto Rico in September 2017. While many would have allowed the effects of a hurricane to impact their work, she still chose to walk and search for internet to complete her class assignments on time. What a great example of dedication to the Lord and her education, she maintained a 4.0 GPA throughout her time at BCF. When asked about her, Dr. Bill Davis, Chair of the BCF Music and Worship Division said, “Luz was a superior and delightful student.”

Since graduating from BCF, Dr. Méndez has completed her Master of Arts in Worship Studies from Valley Forge University, a Doctorate of Worship Studies from Liberty University, published two books, and opened the Word and Worship Ministry Music Academy. Additionally, she has received three music certificates from the Department of Education of Puerto Rico. She is currently pursuing a Master of Arts Interdisciplinary Music Studies from Berklee College of Music. Despite the many limitations, Dr. Méndez chose not to allow her circumstances to hinder her from doing what God called her to do. May we all follow her example and choose to let our faith in Christ’s plans triumph over the difficulties that may confront us.

Emily Robinson

- BCF Staff Writer