BCF News 2020


In the middle of a pandemic and unsettled national events, The Baptist College of Florida (BCF) in Graceville was overjoyed to participate as members of the Hopper Heritage Foundation awarded BCF Student Aaron Crawford a $5000 scholarship.

Known for his kind, servant's heart, Crawford was bewildered when asked to join BCF President Thomas A. Kinchen for a Zoom meeting with the Hopper Heritage Foundation. Having left the campus once the decision was made for all of the classes to be completed online due to the virus, Crawford was actually unsure why the president of the college needed to talk to him. Little did he know it would be a blessing far greater than he could imagine as he was selected to receive the distinguished Hopper Heritage Foundation Scholarship.

The Hopper Heritage Foundation has made a difference in so many lives by providing scholarships and financial assistance to help students continue their education over the years. Organized specifically in support of students committed to "Go and make disciples..." the search for a recipient ended at the college that is equipping men and women for areas of service. Faithfully serving, called into the gospel ministry, and preparing for areas of ministry and service, Crawford captured the attention of the board and became the fall 2020 scholarship recipient.

"It's an honor for the Hopper Heritage Foundation to partner with The Baptist College of Florida through academic scholarships," stated Dean Hopper, Lead vocalist for the Hopper family and oldest son of Claude and Connie Hopper. "We believe in BCF and the commitment they have in spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ throughout their student body, most recently through Aaron Crawford." Known as America's Favorite Family of Gospel Music, the Hoppers have received multiple awards as they have unapologetically shared the Gospel through music. 

"We have enjoyed a wonderful relationship with the Hopper family for many years," stated Kinchen. "They not only sing about the Gospel; they live it. Each year, this family comes to our campus and presents a concert. Hundreds of people from our region come to the campus and enjoy a great time of inspiration and entertainment. The Hopper Heritage Foundation Scholarship Program is an example of this great family multiplying their impact in our Lord's kingdom. I am grateful for their ministry and their friendship."

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