BCF News 2020


Over the last several years, Mark Rathel, Professor of Theology and Philosophy at The Baptist College of Florida (BCF), has continued his ministry of writing in the areas of biblical studies, theology, and Christian/Baptist history.

In biblical studies, the Biblical Illustrator, published by Lifeway, Southern Baptist Convention (SBC), published Rathel's articles on "Our Daily Bread" (2020), "The Ethiopian Eunuch" (2018), and "Sexual Ethics: Paul's Challenge to the Corinthians - 1 Corinthians 5-6" (2018).

In Christian history, Rathel authored seven articles in the five-volume Encyclopedia of Christianity in the United States published by academic publisher Rowman & Littlefield. Rathel wrote on Baptist Historian Thomas. A. Armitage, founder of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary B. H. Carroll, Texas Baptist leader and SBC President J.B. Gambrell, fundamentalist leader Bob Jones, the Leavell family, controversial liberal Episcopalian Priest James A. Pike, and Rufus W. Weaver the foremost Southern Baptist advocate of religious freedom in the early part of the twentieth century.

In Baptist history, in 2017 Rathel wrote an article for the New Orleans Baptist Seminary's Journal for Baptist Theology and Ministry celebrating the one-hundredth anniversary celebrating the birth of the seminary: "The Cross and the School of Providence and Prayer: Atonement Controversies at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary." In the article, Rathel focused on three controversies related to faculty members Frank Stagg, Theodore Clark, and Fisher Humphries. As well, the Journal of Florida Baptist Heritage published the following articles: "Martin Luther's Sola Fide - Redefined as Baptist's Affirmation of Justification by Faith" (2017), "A Theological View of the Ministry of Deacons" (2019), and "The Great Awakening: The Legacy of Jonathan Edwards and Isaac Backus for Baptist Revivalism."

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