BCF News 2019


Oneblood's "Big Red Bus" parks outside of the Wellness Center at The Baptist College of Florida (BCF) in Graceville several times during the school year. Students, staff, and faculty board the bus to donate blood in the hope of saving a life. This semester's campus wide blood drive was held on April 15, and many members of the BCF family were able to contribute.

This semesters blood drive was a huge success with over 20 complete units of blood collected. These units are available for transfusion to sick or severely injured hospital patients. During this school year alone, students, faculty, and staff at The Baptist College of Florida gave almost eighty units of blood through Oneblood's campus visits.

Taking part in the blood drive is just one way the BCF family demonstrates their desire to meet the physical needs of the community, in addition to the spiritual needs. Oneblood Administrator Richard Register recognized this fact and expressed his appreciation saying, "So many lives have been affected by your giving spirit. The students are always so fun to work with and they make my job so enjoyable. Thank you so much for all your time and talent on this life saving blood drive!"

Next semester, the "Big Red Bus" will return to the BCF campus on Monday, August 26. Participation is open to the public for individuals able to contribute.

To learn more about the next blood drive or upcoming events at The Baptist College of Florida, please visit www.baptistcollege.edu or contact 850-263-3261.

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