BCF News 2019


The Baptist College of Florida (BCF) in Graceville is excited to announce that four recent education graduates have been recognized and honored during the 2018-2019 school year at their individual schools. Recognized for exemplary dedication in equipping students with the highest quality of education, BCF graduate Aarika Deerey of Upthegrove Elementary School was awarded the Hendry County School District "Golden Apple" award, Kayla Booth of Vernon Elementary School and Maxie Boles (Music Ed) of Cottondale High School were awarded "Rookie Teacher of the Year," and Leah Johnson of Graceville High School was the recipient of "Rookie Teacher of the Year" for the high school and Jackson County.

The "Rookie Teacher of the Year and Golden Apple" honors are presented to individuals who, not only epitomize the qualities and attributes of an effective teacher, but also go above and beyond their teaching requirements when working with students and colleagues.

Professors in BCF's Teacher Education Division will be the first to say that the outstanding students who graduate from BCF have a heart for the teaching profession and a sincere desire to impact the lives of the students under their care. It comes as no surprise whatsoever that four BCF alumni have been commended by their peers and chosen as "Rookie Teacher of the Year" and "Golden Apple" recipient for this school year.

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