BCF News 2019


The Baptist College of Florida (BCF) Professor of Theology and Philosophy Dr. Mark Rathel and thirteen students participated in the 2019 "Defend the Faith Conference" at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary (NOBTS), January 6-12. The conference is notably one of the premier apologetics conferences held annually in the southeast United States. Students had the privilege of participating in the main plenary sessions and breakout sessions led by a multitude of knowledgeable speakers. Topics included arguments for the existence of God, reliability of the Bible, the resurrection of Jesus, as well as practical issues such as apologetics in the local church.

According to BCF Professor Mark Rathel, C. S. Lewis described the incarnation of Jesus Christ as the grand miracle of the Christian faith, yet the topic of the incarnation is a neglected topic in evangelical apologetics. Rathel concluded the NOBTS conference with a defense of the incarnation, "How the God-Man: A Defense of the Incarnation."

"God providently blessed with protection and provision from God's people, as the college group traveled to the conference," noted Rathel. Apparently, a tire blew out on the college bus and a hose busted as the group traveled on Interstate 10. Pine Terrace Baptist Church in Pace, Fla., provided towing and repairs while the First Baptist Church of Milton, Fla., graciously allowed the group to travel to the convention in their church bus.

The Baptist College of Florida faculty and students are grateful to these two churches for assisting the group on their journey to participate in this life changing, educational conference. As a result of the conference, several students decided to explore advanced degrees in apologetics to engage our culture with the truth as they "Change the World Through the Unchanging Word.®"

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