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With summer winding down and moments of cooler temperatures in the air, the faculty, staff, and students at The Baptist College of Florida (BCF) in Graceville excitedly welcomed new students for the 2019 Fall Semester. The arrival of new students on campus was a sweet reminder of the purpose and mission of the college - training and equipping the next greatest generation of Christian leaders.

Having completed orientation and the first two weeks of classes, new students are now feeling at home and a part of the BCF campus and family. Whether they bonded over finding classrooms together, enjoying fellowship in the Deese Center, or signing up for intramurals, new students at BCF are already making connections and building lifelong friendships.

One new student that is not new to Graceville since his father Tony Ladley is a 2014 BCF graduate, Jacob Ladley transferred from Piedmont University and is now pursuing his associate's degree at BCF. Ladley's greatest desire is to use his athletic abilities for the Lord. Before transferring to BCF, Ladley was the pitcher for the baseball team at Piedmont for two years. In an interview with BCF Staff Writer Kerrie Edwards, Ladley was asked, "What do you hope to gain by attending BCF?" Ladley spoke thoughtfully of obtaining a solid Christian education in the Christian environment that he remembers at BCF, "This campus radiates Jesus' love and it's refreshing knowing that I can receive a Christian education while making lifelong connections. The end goal is to use my talents for Christ."

New student Rhett Dillhyon, a Junior at BCF, is pursuing his degree in Music and Worship Leadership. Dillhyon has been leading worship at his home church in Jacksonville, Fla., for seven years. He and his brother, new student Kaleb Dillhyon, came to BCF to learn more about the ministry that God has called them to. When Rhett was asked why did you choose BCF to continue your education, "This is not a place where you aren't going to feel accepted. Friendships are formed here for a lifetime," stated Dillhyon. "It's an environment where you have Christian people supporting you through everything you do." Dillhyon also shared his excitement about having worship services held on campus, "I also like that you can attend chapel three days a week, it's refreshing, and leaves me filled until the next week. BCF just feels like home!"

The faculty and staff at The Baptist College of Florida are committed to not only making new students feel at home, but equipping them for whatever God has called them to do. BCF is a place where students come and prepare to "Change the World, Through the Unchanging Word.®"

For more information on the twenty-four degrees offered at The Baptist College of Florida, please call 800.328.2660 or visit the website at www.baptistcollege.edu.

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