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On Monday, March 4 @ 11:00 a.m., the Business and Leadership Division of The Baptist College of Florida (BCF) in Graceville officially opened the doors to the new campus store, "Izzy's Isle." The grand opening celebration included all of the fanfare fitting the much needed and exciting addition to the BCF campus. Packed with BCF "lettered" memorabilia and a warm welcome, students, alumni, faculty and staff, friends of the college, and prospective students now have an opportunity to purchase a variety of items that represent the crimson and gold, and the heart and spirit of BCF.

Always seeking opportunities for students to make real-life application to the principles and theories discussed in the classroom, the campus store is a product of the spring 2017 BUS 410 Principles of Marketing course and will now serve as an environment for business students to grow their understanding of the various function of a business. Within the course, students were required to complete a seven-stage marketing plan (executive summary, environmental analysis, marketing objectives, marketing strategies, SWOT analysis, marketing implementation, and performance evaluation).

Throughout the fourteen weeks that students were engaged in the marketing process, they learned the value of research; moreover, how data is necessary to make informed decisions. Upon completion of the project, during week fifteen, students then had an opportunity to present their research findings to BCF President Thomas A. Kinchen along with several key members in the institution's administration. After taking questions and answers, Kinchen welcomed the development of a campus store.

According to Business Leadership Division Chair Chantel Oney, "The students within this course worked extremely hard, and while the project held its challenges, the students walked away with valuable knowledge and experience that will serve as a platform for how marketing contributes to the strategic work of an organization. I am looking forward to seeing the campus store grow and being a staple on our campus for students, alumni, faculty and staff, and everyone that visits."

Immediately following chapel on Monday, the campus store that was visualized in the marketing class became a reality as Kinchen cut the traditional yellow ribbon and people poured into the store. Strategically located in the Student Center, "Izzy's Isle" is stocked with high quality, affordable BCF attire and collectables. In addition, according to Oney, the campus store staff can order items that may not be in stock.

The enthusiastic crowd purchased BCF shirts and jackets before enjoying a time of refreshments celebrating the grand opening of the highly anticipated store. BCF Senior Jordan Lacy, part of the class who initially envisioned this addition to campus, stated, "It has been surreal seeing the progression of 'Izzy's Isle' come to life from our initial proposal in Principles of Marketing to a realized legitimate business. The grand opening was the culmination of so much hard work, collaboration, and hustle - Mrs. Chantel was a superhero, making it all come together."

Please come by and visit BCF's new campus store located in the Student Center. For more information, please call 800.328.2660 ext. 460 or visit the website at www.baptistcollege.edu.

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