BCF News 2019


The Baptist College of Florida (BCF) seeks to provide every possible opportunity to equip the current generation of students to excel in the marketplace as they take part in "Changing the World Through the Unchanging Word®." This means training the future Christian leaders to serve faithfully no matter which vocational or ministry path the Lord has called them to. The Business Leadership program, which was launched nine years ago at BCF, has exemplified this goal with excellence.

BCF students in Business Leadership Chair Chantel Oney's Introduction to Business class have been learning about the iterative cycle of business this semester. On Tuesday, April 23, the group consisting of students from all academic levels filled the BCF bus to take part in a field experience at Southeast Alabama Medical Center (SAMC) in Dothan, Ala. While there, students were able to deepen their understanding of the disciplines of business such as accounting, economics, finance, management, and marketing.

As students listened intently to a presentation and observed the non-clinical side of patient care during the field experience, they were able to get a first-hand glimpse into the marketing, insurance, accounting, human resources, information systems, and supply chain management elements within a hospital setting. Business Major Cassidy Lanford felt the experience was valuable because she "got to see the innerworkings of the hospital, apart from the medical side, and it showed [her] several different opportunities to explore when [she] begins the next stage of life and pursues a career in the business world." Lanford remarked, "It was fun to be able to see the things that I have been learning in class come alive."

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