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Non-degree Seeking Applicants

  ‐ ND students will have been a Christian with active participation in a local church for at least one year.
  ‐ ND students will submit a completed application of affirmation of faith and service.
  ‐ ND students will be recommended by a local Christian church.
  ‐ ND students will not use tobacco, recreational narcotics, alchohol, or any other intoxicants in any form or amount.
  ‐ ND students wil submit proof of immunizations, or sign the online student immunizations waiver.
  ‐ Official high school diplomas or equivalents are required. Official transcripts must be sent directly from their points of origin to the Office of Admissions.
  ‐ ND students lacking the appropriate transcript can be provisionally admitted for one semester only. Students who fail to submit the required transcripts will not be permitted to register for subsequent semesters.
  ‐ ND students may not enroll in any courses in which placement is governed by the level of proficiency revealed in placement testing.
  ‐ No limit is placed on the number of courses a ND student may take, but no more than twenty-four semester hours can be applied toward a degree at BCF.
  ‐ ND students are not eligible for financial aid.
  ‐ ND students who wish to become degree-seeking are required to meet all requirements for regular admission.
  ‐ No documents received after Drop/Add will be accepted for the current term; these documents will be placed in the studentís admission file and updated for the next term.

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