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Special Music Requirements

Applies to the following music degrees:


All full-time music majors must be enrolled in an ensemble every semester based on their principal performing area. All students in auditioned ensembles must concurrently enroll in a large ensemble for zero or one credit hours, according to their principal. Guitar and keyboard principals will enroll in their respective ensembles upon recommendation of their professor. Non-music majors who wish to participate in an ensemble but do not need the credit may enroll in an ensemble for zero credit hours.

Piano Proficiency

All music majors are required to pass all components of the piano proficiency prior to upper-level applied study. Students must enroll in the appropriate piano proficiency class until all proficiencies have been passed.


Students must be enrolled in applied music in order to present a senior recital.

Upper Level Evaluations

The purpose of the Upper Level Evaluation is to access a student's overall performance and ability to complete a baccalaureate degree in the chosen principal area. This examination will be administered by the music and worship faculty toward the end of the fourth, but no earlier than the third, semester of a music major's applied music study, and will take the place of the semester jury in the principal applied course. Transfer students will undergo the Upper Level Evaluation based on recommendation of their applied instructor.

The Upper Level Evaluation will include:

  • A ten-minute performance in the studentís principal applied area, repertoire to be approved by the applied instructor.
  • An examination of the historical background, musical analysis, and pedagogical considerations of the repertoire presented.
  • Submission of program notes demonstrating scholarly research on composers and literature presented.

Upon successful completion of the Upper Level Evaluation (by vote of faculty), the student may enroll in upper-level applied courses leading to the presentation of the senior recital. At least three credit hours in the principal area, in no less than three semesters, must be completed prior to the presentation of the senior recital.

Benchmark and Capstone Experiences:

Benchmark and Capstone experiences for all baccalaureate music degrees must be completed through The Baptist College of Florida. Benchmark experiences include piano proficiencies and the Upper Level Evaluation. Capstone experiences include the senior recital appropriate to the degree, MU 415. Field Service Practicum (BM in Worship Leadership), and MUE 490. Internship in Music Education (BME). Capstone courses are to be completed within the final two semesters prior to graduation.