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Christian Studies Major

The Christian Studies major is designed to provide students who have completed an Associate of Arts degree from regionally accredited educational institutions with an opportunity for ministerial training on the baccalaureate level and to prepare them for church-related ministry of various types and for seminary or graduate school.

Christian Studies Course Requirements | 120 Total Hours

Associate of Arts Degree from regionally accredited institutions (60 sem/hours)

Degree must include a minimum of 30 hours of General Education including at least:
  • 3 hours of Literature/Humanities
  • 3 hours of Social/Behavioral Sciences
  • 3 hours of Science/Mathematics
  • 3 hours of Information Technology

Biblical/Theological Foundation (12 hours)

Major (42 hours)

  • BI 212. Biblical Hermeneutics (3 hours)
  • EV 201. Personal Evangelism (3 hours)
  • PHI 201. Introduction to Christian Worldview (3 hours)
  • BI, OT, NT Courses (12 hours)
  • HI, PHI, TH Courses (upper-level) (9 hours)
  • Practical Ministry Courses (CE, EV, LA, MI, MUT, PM, PR, PSY, STM) (12 hours)

Capstone Course (3 hours)

  • PM 490. Ministry Integration (3 hours)

General Electives | Must be upper level BCF Courses (3 hours)