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BCF Press Release



April 15, 2019

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BCF Academic Dean Robin Jumper published in Southwestern Seminary sponsored website, "preachingsource.com."

Professors at The Baptist College of Florida (BCF) in Graceville are known and respected for their dedication in investing in the lives of their students, both inside the walls of the classroom and out. In addition to making a personal difference in the classroom, many of the professors contribute to the academic community in the form of published works. It is not unusual for BCF professors to author textbooks, publish book reviews, or offer commentary or clarification in professional journals and periodicals within their areas of expertise.

Recently, BCF Academic Dean and Professor of Evangelism and Missions Robin Jumper was invited to write two articles for the Preaching Source Blog of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. In addition to grading and composing papers, Jumper has written many editorials and commentaries that have been published and he is always willing to share godly perspectives when given the opportunity.

One of Jumper's articles, "The Preacher Who Grows: Why Personal Time with God is of Utmost Importance," focuses primarily on the texts of John 15:4-5 and 1 Timothy 4:8. Jumper writes with the purpose of addressing "the importance and implementation of spiritual growth and personal time with God in the life of a preacher." He expanded that idea that a minister cannot be as effective in helping his congregation grow if he, himself, is not growing.

Another insightful article provided by Jumper was "How to Schedule a Year of Pulpit Work." According to Jumper, this method of planning out a year's worth of sermons, systematic expository preaching, "assumes that the preacher is working in the power and leadership of the Holy Spirit..." In the article, Jumper first expounds on three presuppositions of the preacher before he shares his approach in planning annually based on the truth revealed within the text. Both perceptive articles can be found on the Southwestern Seminary sponsored website, "preachingsource.com."

For more information on articles and publications by BCF professors, contact The Baptist College of Florida at 850-263-3261 or visit the website at www.baptistcollege.edu.