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BCF Press Release



January 22, 2018

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The Baptist College of Florida welcomes Professor Christian Dickinson.

The Baptist College of Florida (BCF) in Graceville proudly welcomes new professor Christian S. Dickinson for the spring 2018 semester. Dickinson came to the Graceville campus to assume the position of Assistant Professor of English.

Dickinson grew up in Jacksonville, Fla., where he received his associate's degree from a local community college. He then attended the University of North Florida where he received his bachelor's degree in English Literature. After teaching in the Orange Park area for two years, he was accepted into the master's program at Florida State University (FSU), where he focused his interests on the Victorian Novel. After graduating from FSU, Dickinson taught for one year at the local community college in Tallahassee. He was then accepted into the doctoral program at Baylor University in Waco, Texas, from which he will finish all of the requirements for graduation this summer.

Professor Dickinson's research interests center on the Victorian Novel and the Victorian Era's sectarian religious conflicts and 'crisis of faith'. The authors from this era that he most admires are Charles Dickens, Charles Kingsley, Thomas Hardy, Anthony Trollope, and Elizabeth Gaskell. Other interests include classical theater (as an audience member and participant), fiction writing, and Sci-Fi.

"This semester, I am most excited to serve Christ through meeting the needs of my students and introducing them to some of the finest writing the English Language has to offer," stated Dickinson. "My favorite thing about BCF is the wonderful community of people I have gotten to know here over the past few weeks. I have really enjoyed getting to know Professor Reiter and talking about the genuine love we share for the written word. The staff at BCF and Dr. Kinchen in particular, have been incredibly welcoming - he always tells me "welcome home", and that is exactly how I feel!" Dickinson will be teaching classes such as Introduction to College Composition, Creative Fiction, and Twentieth Century British Literature.

For more information on the English program or other degrees offered at The Baptist College of Florida, please call 800-328-2660 ext. 460 or visit www.baptistcollege.edu.