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BCF Press Release



November 1, 2018

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BCF President Thomas A. Kinchen announces new scholarships programs for BCF students!

The Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees of The Baptist College of Florida (BCF) held a special called meeting on October 25, 2018. According to BCF President Thomas A. Kinchen, "The meeting was called so that we could discuss, vote on, and begin preparation for some exciting projects that needed to be in place before the Spring 2019 Academic Semester and before the next regular meeting of the Board." Kinchen noted that he had been praying over and working on the idea for two scholarships that would encourage students in their educational pursuits and promote the residential programs offered on the Graceville campus.

The Executive Committee approved a "Scholars in Residence Program" which provides special incentives for students who pursue their program of study on the Graceville campus, maintain a designated grade point average, complete their program of study on schedule, and receive recommendations from the Academic Division in which they are studying. According to Kinchen, "This program will promote a high level of scholarship, involvement in campus life, and a consistent program of study." The "Scholars in Residence Program" is scheduled to begin in the Spring 2019 Academic Semester.

Trustees also approved a "Merit Scholarship Program." This program is designed to provide incentive for students to remain enrolled in their program of study on an uninterrupted basis while maintaining a designated grade point average. The program design calls for students to receive an increasing level of grants during their sophomore, junior, and senior years. This format focuses on increasing student retention while decreasing the "out of pocket" costs for students as they advance through their program of study. Kinchen noted, "We want to reward academic achievement and consistency in the pursuit of degree programs. We hope to see students graduate on time with a decreasing financial burden." The "Merit Scholarship Program" should begin in the Fall 2019 Academic Semester.

For more information on the twenty-one undergraduate degrees and two graduated degrees offered at The Baptist College of Florida, please visit www.baptistcollege.edu or contact 850-263-3261.