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BCF Press Release



October 23, 2018

Press Photo

BCF Vice President of Academic Affairs Emeritus Jerry Oswalt led the 2018 Prayer Conference at The Baptist College of Florida.

Just days before Hurricane Michael struck the Panhandle, The Baptist College of Florida (BCF) in Graceville held their annual Prayer Conference, focusing on the theme of "Lord, Teach us to Pray..." found in Luke 11:1. Originally scheduled for October 8-10, the conference led by Vice President of Academic Affairs Emeritus Jerry Oswalt was cut short by one day due to the storm, was still an extremely fruitful and encouraging time of prayer and reflection.

During the two-day conference held in the R.G. Lee Chapel, Oswalt highlighted the power and essential need for prayer. On Monday, he introduced the theme and steered faculty and students through several examples of prayers found in Scripture. After surveying the prayers of Daniel, Paul, and several major biblical figures, Oswalt directed the attention of his audience to the Model Prayer given by Jesus. On Tuesday, the focus was on having the proper priorities in mind when praying. According to Oswalt, followers of Christ can and should pray for the routine things; however, they should "place priority on spiritual blessings taught through precept and example."

The scheduling of the annual conference is deliberate to prepare BCF faculty and students for the challenging semester ahead and encourage others to fortify their prayer life; this year's conference did that and so much more. As the powerful storm approached the coast, everyone was reminded of the comfort and calming force found in prayer. Now that Hurricane Michael has come and gone, students, staff, faculty, and members of the Graceville community have been given numerous opportunities to apply all that they learned during the conference earnestly praying for each other and the ravished communities left from the storm. Please join us in praying that God's will be done and His glory be revealed as the Panhandle begins the long journey of recovering.

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