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BCF Press Release



December 4, 2018

Press Photo

So thankful for our BCF faculty and staff that served breakfast and smiles during Midnight Breakfast!

Press Photo

Students enjoying a fresh breakfast at our "Midnight Breakfast" event

The concluding week of each semester is typically filled with both excitement and stress for students at The Baptist College of Florida (BCF) in Graceville; this fall is certainly no exception. Though they are eager to spend time with their friends and families for the holiday season, students are also busy bringing all of their hard work from the semester to a halt as they complete final projects, papers, and exams. Several years ago, BCF President Thomas A. Kinchen recognized that students needed a break from their long hours of diligent study, so he inaugurated the first "Midnight Breakfast" event. Midnight Breakfast has remained a sweet tradition and, on the Monday of each finals week, tired, stressed students are served a satisfying and nutritional breakfast by the president, faculty and staff.

On December 3, students lined the entrance to the school's dining facility, the Deese Center, with great anticipation as they waited for the doors of this semester's late night breakfast to open. The breakfast commenced with a student-led prayer and students began to pour into the dining hall where they were served a hot breakfast by some of their favorite faculty members.

With smiling faces, servers welcomed each student by filling their plate with heaping portions of delectable grits, hash browns, eggs, pancakes, sausage, bacon, and biscuits. The campus-wide atmosphere of tension that had been brought on by finals week seemed to briefly vanish as students made lifelong memories with friends. BCF Freshman Kerrie Edwards got to take part in Midnight Breakfast for the very first time and shared that she had a great time and is "so glad to experience new traditions, such as this."

During the meal, students were reminded of the love, support, and prayers poured out for them by the faculty and staff. This is also a busy time for professors and administrators as they work towards finalizing grades and preparing for the upcoming semester. In addition to giving up their time to serve the meal, faculty and staff offered students the encouragement needed to give an accurate account of all they have learned throughout the semester and finish strong. After eating the last morsel, students exited the Deese Center prepared to finish their assignments and complete their exams.

For more information about upcoming events at The Baptist College of Florida, please visit www.baptistcollege.edu or contact 850-263-3261.