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BCF Press Release



November 2, 2017

Press Photo

Residents of Napier Hall - the Flintstones.

On Thursday, October 26, friends and families of students, faculty, and staff, gathered on The Baptist College of Florida (BCF) campus in Graceville for Candyland, an evening of fun activities and scrumptious candy. BCF Baptist Collegiate Ministries (BCM) sponsors the event during the fall semester, capitalizing on the creativity of dorm residents while bringing the BCF family together and enjoying each other’s company. This year's Candyland theme was "Saturday Morning Cartoons" which lends itself to incredible decorating possibilities and cartoon character costumes.

In the weeks leading up to Candyland, each dorm worked diligently to design and make costumes, paint and construct set decorations, and identify games and activities for children to enjoy based on their cartoon characters. Intended to be a fun family event, the evening brought dorm residents and the entire BCF family together as they laughed and enjoyed watching as students portrayed the cartoon characters and passed out candy to the children.

BCM Director Amanda Carnley later announced that the winner for the dorm competition was Napier Hall who well represented a Saturday morning cartoon favorite, the Flintstones. All of the dorms and off-campus participants did an excellent job with the cartoon theme and provided a safe, fun environment for children of all ages to play games and enjoy some candy.

For more information on The Baptist College of Florida and special events, please contact 850-263-3261, ext. 557, or visit the website at www.baptistcollege.edu.