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BCF Press Release



June 16, 2016

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"From Survival to Success"

Baptist College of Florida (BCF) graduate and author Daniel Morris announced the nationwide release of his new book, "From Survival to Success," where he shows readers that they can move from a ministry and life of survival, and take huge leaps toward success. The hardback edition will be released this month with softback and e-book editions already available.

In "From Survival to Success," Morris delivers practical and relative leadership principles that can enable leaders to thrive. The book is written in three distinctive sections and takes the reader on a progressive journey to discover God's definition and design for success in ministry. Morris begins with the foundational principles necessary to initiate building a successful ministry and then carefully articulates the essentials of a structured and powerful organization. The book concludes with areas of challenge that apply to every leader.

"If you are tired of a ministry that is struggling to survive," stated Morris, "and you are ready to make a difference and develop the ministry skills necessary to influence the people that you serve, 'From Survival to Success' is designed to help you do just that."

Morris is a BCF alumni and Minister of Music and Worship at Westside Baptist Church in north central Florida. He and his wife, Carolyn, have three children: Gray, Turner and Jett. They have served in churches in Florida and Alabama for over 16 years.

"From Survival to Success" is published by Tate Publishing and Enterprises and available through bookstores nationwide, from the publisher and online.