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January 21, 2015

Press Photo

BCF Senior Praise Team leads worship for New Student Orientation.

As the winter break came to a close, new and returning students at The Baptist College of Florida (BCF) in Graceville eagerly made their way to the campus to begin the spring 2015 semester. For new students arriving on campus, orientation and advising brought them closer to reaching their educational and vocational goals.

Orientation was held on January 15-16 beginning with Roger Richards, the Dean of Students, greeting new students in the R.G. Lee Chapel following an incredible time of praise and worship led by BCF graduate Shawn Smith. After a few minutes of reflection on college expectations, new students were directed to the Mills Center to review the student handbook and receive information on the Writing Center, LiveText, academic requirements, and business affairs. Students were able to enjoy a time of fellowship during lunch while meeting their academic advisors and receiving instructions on what and how to register for classes. Many of the new students were able to attend several of the BCM and intramural events including the winter bonfire and the welcome back gym jam, looking forward to intramural basketball, Lakeside Echo and powder puff football.

Returning BCF Student Patty Lally stated, “I am excited about Lakeside Echo and the different activities coming up on campus this semester. I am particularly excited for the missions and ministry opportunities that each semester brings.” Lally continued by maintaining that BCF is really home to many of the students and expressed her deep appreciation of how BCF professors care for and value the education of every student. Courses began on January 19 for new and returning BCF students.

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