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March 12, 2015

Press Photo

Former Resident Director (RD) and BCF alumnus Jolina Janus is currently serving as a Church Plant Intern in Wisconsin.

When students at The Baptist College of Florida (BCF) in Graceville hear the word “Missions” an immediate excitement rushes over them at the prospect of sharing the Gospel and leading someone to the Lord. For BCF students, being on mission and sharing their faith is not only a lifestyle but a deep commitment that was settled long ago. Over the years, BCF students have served in locations as far as the Middle East and as close as right across the street; determined to share the Good News of Jesus Christ. These same students believe that there is no place too dark or too far away where the love of Christ shouldn’t be proclaimed.

“One thing I’ve learned is that, despite the terminology, there is no difference between mission work and my life,” stated BCF Missions major Coral Molchanoff. Previously, Molchanoff spent her summer break sharing her faith with people in Asia. Although doing missionary work sounds like a “fun” adventure, many people struggle with being away from their home culture and find themselves missing the people with whom they are close. Despite the challenges and hardships, missionaries consistently explain how God provides for those who are obedient to His call. “From my own experience, one blessing from God is infinitely better than any and all accomplishments gained by living a life of your own design,” stated Molchanoff. “I’ll let you in on something: God is kind and compassionate and faithful. By giving up everything to Him and being truly surrendered in all areas of your life, He will give you something so much better. The life you will lead won’t be without its hardships but the rewards far outweigh them.”

Missionary work is not limited to traveling overseas or serving with international missions organizations. Many BCF students find themselves travelling to different states around the country helping with Vacation Bible School (VBS) programs, disaster relief ministries, church planting, volunteer canvasing, teen challenges, summer camps, and so much more. For example, BCF alumnus Jolina Janus is currently serving as a Church Plant Intern in Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin with the North American Mission Board (NAMB). The church that Janus is helping to start is called Church at Wazeecha. “There are hard days where I am drained emotionally, spiritually, mentally, and physically,” stated Janus. “But that is when God reminds me of His faithfulness and reminds me of who He is.” Though Janus is getting use to the snow and much colder environment, she has thoroughly enjoyed watching the people of the church grow. “What mission work means to me is reach, disciple, train, and send. This is the vision for the Church at Wazeecha and I believe it encompasses what we as the church are called to do.”

Recently, a 2009 BCF alumnus returned to the campus to share how the Lord brought her home from mission work in Peru to minister to an unreached people group just outside of Atlanta. Keeping her identity and the Iraqi women with which she currently works with confidential, her call is with the Global Frontier Missions. For over a year, she has been working with the Northern Iraqi Kurdish women. “I understand their story and their brokenness,” she stated. “I want to show them God’s grace and His love.” Her final thought was “you have to love Jesus” and be willingly to go where He leads.

Foundational classes taught at The Baptist College of Florida reinforce the Christian responsibility and command to missions. “We need to be reminded that mission work is more than just a two week trip,” said Molchanoff. “Once you surrender to Christ, it is your whole life. Every day, every decision, every aspect of your life involves bringing the gospel of Christ to a lost and dying world.”

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Press Photo

BCF 2009 alumnus working with the Northern Iraqi Kurdish women in Atlanta through Global Frontier Missions.