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March 20, 2015

Press Photo

BCF Music and Worship Division Chair Bill Davis welcomes IMB missionary and former classmate David Brazzeal to The Baptist College of Florida.

Over the years, many fascinating and influential people of faith have visited The Baptist College of Florida (BCF) in Graceville providing students with opportunities to learn from their experiences. Recently, BCF welcomed David Brazzeal, International Mission Board (IMB) missionary to Paris, France, to the campus who offered insight into the life and work of full time missionaries. The invitation for this special visit came through Music and Worship Division Chair William (Bill) Davis who was a classmate of Brazzeal’s while studying at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (SWBTS) in the church music program.

Previously, Brazzeal and his wife Sanan served as IMB missionaries to Brazil and Canada, but have been in Paris, France for the past nineteen years. In Paris, the Brazzeals minister to the artistic community whose religious outlook is primarily atheistic. They operate an art gallery and with it, they tap into the creativity of their peers and colleagues, helping them to see that true creativity comes from the Creator. By hosting shows at their gallery, with the intention to live among artists in the city, bridges are built towards Christ. Their goal is for people to see Christ in their lives through acts of friendship while encouraging them toward a relationship with Jesus.

According to Davis, having Brazzeal visit his class was a wonderful exchange of information and provided students with real life methods for using every instrument available to reach the world for Christ. During the visit, Brazzeal revealed that he has written a book on prayer entitled “Pray Like a Gourmet: Creative Ways to Feed Your Soul” which will be available through major booksellers in April.