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February 2, 2015

Press Photo

Officers of the BCF 2015 Board of Trustees: Secretary Don McLaughlin; Chairman Kenric Conway; President Thomas A. Kinchen, and Vice-Chairman Robert Carlton.

The Board of Trustees of The Baptist College of Florida (BCF) met for their post-convention meeting in Graceville on January 22-23, 2015. The board welcomed new members John Bolton from Jacksonville, Ron Burks from Bartow, John Garrison from Okeechobee, Mark Johnson from Panama City, Dan Mauldin from Gainesville and Jeff Scott from Live Oak. The board members also elected officers for 2015 that included Kenric Conway - Chairman, Robert Carlton - Vice-Chairman, and Don McLaughlin - Secretary.

During the plenary session, BCF President Thomas A. Kinchen provided the positive response from the U.S. Department of Education on Title IX requirements, reported the highest rating an institution can receive on the recent financial audit and informed the board that BCF continues to operate “in the black” and carry no long term debt. Kinchen noted, “This is a testimony to the blessings of our Lord and the good stewardship of our faculty and staff.”

The Building and Maintenance Committee reported that the construction on the Graceville campus is continuing at a steady rate. Several apartments have been demolished to make way for more modern housing and the addition of new dining and classroom facilities. While the new dining facility and the new Plant Operations Center are under construction, a new Business School building and renovated Teacher Education Center are in the advanced planning stage. Trustees approved a recommendation to work with the City of Graceville in a program to provide sidewalks and lighting around the perimeter of the main campus by making additional right of way available.

Trustees approved several recommendations from the curriculum committee in the areas of psychology, business leadership, and music, redesigning programs to offer positive benefits for BCF students and graduates. According to Kinchen, much of what BCF does in view of student recruitment and retention can be tweaked, reformatted, and even repackaged, but the fact that Christian higher education is delivered is crucial. “BCF is a Bible-based, Christ-centered, Compassionately-conservative, Baptist-believing, Christian College,” stated Kinchen. “Remaining such will be more difficult in the future and will be more costly on many fronts, but neglecting to remain such is far more costly and unthinkable.”

The meeting concluded with board members approving reports of accomplishments of the previous year, plans for the upcoming sessions, and obtaining information on future events to be held on the BCF campus. For more information on The Baptist College of Florida, contact 850.263.3261 ext. 460.