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February 13, 2015

Press Photo

BCF First Lady Ruth Ann Kinchen and Ms. Gail Floyd deliver home baked cookies and goodies to the BCF campus!

Excitement filled the air on Wednesday, February 11, as the Resident Directors (RDs) brought the “filled to the brim” containers of delicious, homemade cookies made by The Baptist College of Florida (BCF) First Lady into the dorms. At the beginning of every semester, BCF First Lady Ruth Ann Kinchen and several of her friends spend days baking hundreds of cookies and goodies for BCF students.

For students on the Graceville campus, cookie day is a heartfelt reminder that they are deeply loved and prayed for. Reminiscing about how it feels to be away from home attending college, Ms. Ruth Ann has been determined over the years to bring a little warmth into the busy schedules of BCF students in the form of homemade goodies. Initially, the cookies were provided to all of the dorms on the campus, but in an effort to make sure no one is left out, Ms. Ruth Ann leaves containers of goodies in every building on the campus for off-campus students, faculty, and staff. As one student quickly posted on Facebook, “Cookie Day and Preview Day are my favorite days during the semester! We’re part of a big family here together.”

“Cookie day just reminds me of home,” stated BCF student Hollis Prange, “It’s nice to go to a school where you know people care about you. This is my second cookie day, and it gets better every semester!” BCF students truly appreciate all of the time and effort Ms. Ruth Ann and her friends put into making their lives a little sweeter and reminding them of home. Every cookie goes a long way in putting a smile on each face and the pure joy of knowing that someone cares that much about them.

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