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BCF Press Release



December 4, 2015

Press Photo

The Mission Team from First Baptist Church Orlando.

On November 15-21, volunteers from the First Baptist Church (FBC) Orlando Missions Team returned to The Baptist College of Florida (BCF) in Graceville feverously working on a special project identified on their last visit. Typically, the Orlando Missions Team arrives on the Graceville campus during the first week of June like a swarm of bees trimming trees, painting buildings, tiling floors, and doing whatever needs to be done to prepare the campus for the next academic year.

This year, however, thirteen hardworking volunteers returned to the BCF campus in order to work on an additional project that was conceived previously by adopting a building on the campus to repair. The Mission Team decided to “adopt” the Clark House located in Heritage Village after hearing about the condition of the building from BCF President Thomas A. Kinchen. Last summer, the team evaluated the building and determined what needed to be done to return the structure to a good condition. Sacrificially giving of their time and resources, the small band of mission volunteers arrived in November to begin working on their adopted facility.

According to Mission Team Leaders Jim and Pat Wortham, Kinchen had talked to the volunteers from FBC Orlando about “adopting” the Clark House and after much prayer and consultation with their Missions Pastor, the group decided to “adopt” the Clark House. The conditions were that the Orlando team would furnish the labor and BCF would provide the supplies. “We are praying that other churches will adopt buildings in Heritage Village,” stated Wortham. “Maybe our building adoption project will be a springboard for others to follow.”

The motivated team made huge improvements to the condition of the building by replacing rotten wood, pressure cleaning, removing old paint, fixing leaks, and priming and painting the walls. They repaired, replaced and painted bannisters, spindles, posts, and shutters bringing out the heart of the Clark House. According to Wortham, the team plans to return at a later time to replace the windows and window sills, as well as sand and paint the front porch.

In addition to the hard work, the team was also able to enjoy some of the special events that occurred on campus during their visit. The team took in a performance of “A Festive Christmas” on Thursday evening and enjoyed the Holiday Heritage Festival on Friday. The team is excited about their “regular” summer trip in June 2016 and plan to complete the repairs on the Clark House when they return.

For more information on The Baptist College of Florida or mission opportunities, please call 800-328-2660 ext. 513 or visit the website at www.baptistcollege.edu.