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BCF Press Release



November 16, 2015

Press Photo

BCF Music and Worship Division lead worship at the 2015 Florida Baptist State Convention held at the First Baptist Church in Panama City.

Press Photo

BCF students gathered in the R. G. Lee Chapel to pray for convention leaders and pastors during the Monday morning worship session.

On November 8-10, representatives from The Baptist College of Florida (BCF) in Graceville took part in the Florida Baptist Pastor’s Conference and the Florida Baptist State Convention held at the First Baptist Church in Panama City. The theme for this year’s annual meeting was “Moving Forward” with a strong focus on moving forward in faith, in unity, and in mission.

Messengers, exhibitors, and visitors attending the 2015 convention were greeted by the smiling faces of the BCF students serving in the registration area as they verified credentials and registered those in attendance. BCF graduate Mike Orr, 2015 President of the Pastor’s Conference and Senior Pastor of the First Baptist Church in Chipley, presided over the Pastor’s Conference selecting powerful speakers and worship leaders encapsulating the theme mandate of being “Faithful To Be Fruitful.” BCF President Thomas A. Kinchen delivered one of the sermons in which he challenged those in attendance to embrace “Ministry in the Middle” as a pivotal role in a preoccupied society and perverse society. Students on the main campus in Graceville were able to hear Kinchen preach as the conference was streamed “live” in the R. G. Lee Chapel. Students also gathered in the chapel to pray for convention leaders and pastors attending the conference and BCF Praise Teams led worship during the Monday afternoon session.

Messengers and guests were led in worship during the Tuesday morning session by the BCF combined College Choir under the direction of Music and Worship Division Chair William Davis. After a brief video presentation entitled “Forward Focused” illustrating how The Baptist College of Florida is focused on moving forward by growing and equipping the next greatest generation of Christian leaders, Kinchen addressed the convention and provided the BCF report. The BCF President emphasized the fact that “BCF is the college for all Florida Baptists who are focused on moving forward, unified to carry out our Lord’s Great Commission to the state which represents the greatest mission field in America. In BCF, Florida Baptists have a college that is Christ Centered, Bible Based, Unapologetically Evangelistic, Conscientiously Conservative, and steeped in a Family Atmosphere while remaining one of the most affordable Baptist colleges in America. The Baptist College of Florida is in the world but not of it, remembers its past in order to embrace its future, and retains its central focus of “Changing the World through the Unchanging Word®.”

For BCF students and faculty, the convention was nothing less than a family reunion with the Lord as the focus and serving Him as the theme. Not only were BCF students registering messengers, manning the exhibit booth, and leading during several worship sessions, but BCF alumni occupied pivotal roles in hosting and leading the convention such as alumni Craig Conner and Mike Orr. BCF graduate Joel Breidenbaugh was elected to succeed Orr as the new President of the Pastor’s Conference and at the Chaplain’s Conference, BCF had twelve graduates serving as chaplains with alumnus Frank Keller honored as “Chaplain of the Year.”

Championing the cooperative spirit for Kingdom ministry, the entire convention was encouraging and exciting under the leadership of the new Executive Director-Treasurer Tommy Green. Strong convention leadership offered hope and support to the undeniable mission of The Baptist College of Florida of “Changing the World, Through the Unchanging Word®.”

For more information on how the faculty, staff, students, and alumni of The Baptist College of Florida are “Forward Focused” or to learn more about the 23 degrees offered call 800.328.2660 ext. 460 or visit the website at www.baptistcollege.edu.