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BCF Press Release



December 14, 2015

Press Photo
Press Photo

In a hospital room at Southeast Alabama Medical Center, BCF President Thomas A. Kinchen confers and congratulates Andy Davis on earning his Bachelor of Arts degree in Music.

The day before The Baptist College of Florida (BCF) in Graceville fall 2015 graduation rehearsal, graduating senior Andy Davis, accompanied by his wife Melodee, drove 6 hours to participate in all of the graduation activities. Driving that far is nothing out of the ordinary for BCF students, but while on the way to the campus, Davis experienced some health issues and was immediately admitted to the Southeast Alabama Medical Center (SAMC) keeping him from fulfilling that dream of walking across the stage and receiving his degree.

Davis had completed all of the requirements for the Bachelor of Arts degree in Music and excitedly planned to participate in the graduation ceremony on December 11, with thirty nine other graduates. The heightened excitement of graduating was that Davis’ wife Melodee, the Children’s Minister at Avon Park Lakes Baptist Church in Avon Park, Fla., had earned her bachelors and masters degrees from The Baptist College of Florida, and now they both would be BCF alumni. However, once Davis was admitted to the hospital, a life-long dream seemed to be shattered and focus was diverted.

As soon as BCF President Thomas A. Kinchen was informed of Davis’ condition and then the update that Davis was stable, plans were then put into motion to make sure the dream was realized. According to Kinchen, Davis worked way too hard and came way too far to not have his diploma conferred. After consulting with the doctor and the SAMC hospital administration, plans were initiated to help Davis complete what he started many years ago. With Davis’ diploma in hand and all of the rights and privileges afforded a college president, Kinchen traveled to Southeast Alabama Medical Center and confirmed Davis’ degree immediately following the actual ceremony that was held on the Graceville campus.

Davis is now recuperating and following doctors’ orders while awaiting what the Lord has in store for him next. In the meantime, the heart exhibited by the BCF President and the love extended to Davis by The Baptist College of Florida students and faculty has momentously demonstrated what it means to be family and on this journey together.

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