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July 15, 2014

Press Photo

1975 Piper Cherokee.

Students who are part of the mission's aviation program at The Baptist College of Florida (BCF) in Graceville will be thrilled to return in the fall and see the striking new addition to the school's training fleet. The second airplane now being used by missions aviation students was recently donated by Eddie Houk and his wife, Lois.

The airplane, an impeccable 1975 Piper Cherokee, had been used by the Houk family since 1990 until the decision was made to donate it for use in BCF's missions aviation program. According to Houk, the prayerful decision was made after being invited to visit Graceville and hearing about the exciting new aviation program offered at The Baptist College of Florida. The invitation planted a seed in the minds of the couple and with God's guidance and their desire to pass on this blessing, the Houk's donated the airplane to be used for missions flight training.

The Bachelor of Arts in Missions with a Concentration in Missions Aviation degree is one of the newer and fastest growing degree programs offered at BCF. The very generous contribution made by Ed and Lois Houk significantly benefits the program providing a means to train and equip pilots to further the reach of the gospel. "I am totally thrilled over this significant gift to our Lord's work," stated BCF President Thomas A. Kinchen. "This plane, provided by this Godly couple, is truly a Great Commission tool for missions and evangelism."

"Our pastor, Pastor Gary Crawford, has preached many times to think about giving a gift or gifts that can make eternal differences," stated Houk regarding his hopes for the donated plane. "We pray this may be one!" Providing the plane for mission flight training has the potential to do just that, as it will be used in training students to use aviation as a means to get where they may not be able to go otherwise; spreading God's word and bringing Him glory along the way.