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October 21, 2014

Press Photo

Bachelor of Arts in Missions with a Concentration in Aviation student prepares to take off.

An exciting new program at The Baptist College of Florida (BCF) in Graceville will cut current flight training costs by 50%. Since the current rate charged in the program is approximately 50% of that on the open market, students enrolled in the Bachelor of Arts in Missions with a Concentration in Aviation program can qualify for an incentive that will allow them to train at a cost that is equal to 25% of the current open market rate.

According to BCF President Thomas A. Kinchen, “The two greatest impediments to students following a call to missions aviation are time and cost. We lose too many potential mission pilots during the process. The aim of the program at BCF is to get students trained and sent to the field with the highest quality training, in the shortest amount of time, with the lowest cost. The new incentive program will allow qualifying students to receive ground training at a rate of $18 per hour and flight training at a rate of $50 per hour. This is a phenomenal opportunity for those folks responding to God’s call to missions through aviation.”

Flight training is offered as a concentration in the Bachelor of Arts in Missions degree program. Upon graduation a student receives the Missions degree that includes FAA approved certification at the Private and Instrument levels. Students may also receive certification at the Commercial level.

For further information on this and other exciting degree programs offered through The Baptist College of Florida, please contact Sandra Richards, Director of Enrollment Management and Marketing at skrichards@baptistcollege.edu or 1-800-328-2660 ext. 415.