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December 15, 2014

Press Photo

2014 Fall Graduates:

Front Row (left to right): Dr. Thomas Kinchen (President), Hunter Dennison (Marshal), Brooke Davis Stickles, Ashlee Ostrander, Ashley Bates, Ashley Romo, Chloelle Mandy, Rachel Robertson, Lauren Butler, Elizabeth Hunt, Kimberly Hagan Wimberly, Caitlyn Henry, Kayla Ellis (Marshal), Dr. Robin Jumper (Academic Dean).

Second Row (left to right): Juan Colon-Quinones, Nathan Dobbs, Taylor Robinson, Tiffany Morrow, Nicoleta Fenner, Ashley Lain, Sarah Abercrombie Smith, Grace Collins, Katie Davis, Jessica Galloway, Mable Patterson, Jessica Stephens, Kyle Ridgley, Austin Garcia.

Third Row (left to right): Britton Henley, Kevin Reinhardt, Steven Shook, Kyle McGee, Terrence Anderson II, Kenneth Mann, Sean Ward, Joshua Mann, Nicholas Carter, Anthony Ladley, Nathan Castaneda, David Sims, Jr.

Back Row (left to right): Terrell Burt, Maxie Boles, Thomas Benbow, Cody Watson, Shawn Smith, Phillip Shelley, Daniel Jones, Nicholas Alvarez, Casey Butner.

Fifty-one students in black gowns and tasseled mortar boards earned degrees during commencement exercises held at The Baptist College of Florida (BCF) in Graceville on Friday, December 12. Surrounded by faculty, staff, family members and peers, the much anticipated service was the last step toward an exciting new beginning.

With the BCF Wellness Center filled to capacity, seniors entered the building while the College Winds played “Pomp and Circumstance” followed by Professor Kristy Ford offering the invocation. A hymn and then a heartfelt greeting from BCF President Thomas A. Kinchen welcomed guests setting the stage for a day filled with emotions that would be remembered for years to come.

Prior to the presidential address, the Women’s Ensemble directed by Professor Buford Cox performed “Let Us Love” reminding graduates and those in attendance to always love as Christ loves. Kinchen addressed the graduates and challenged them to go out and be shining lights in a dark world. “Now is the time to let God squeeze out of you what He has poured into you over the past few years,” stated Kinchen as he shared the top ten reasons why The Baptist College of Florida and BCF graduates continue to shine. Kinchen reflected on BCF’s stand on the truth of scripture, strong moral code, never believing that good enough is good enough, commitment to stewardship of life, the trust and privilege of being Baptist, courses taught from a Christian worldview, a lifestyle of missions, sharp minds and hottest hearts, and knowing that Christ and Christ alone is the way, the truth, and the life. “People are crying for the light... If we don’t take it to them, who will?” asked Kinchen.

Academic Dean Robin Jumper presented the graduating class to Kinchen to confer degrees. One by one, graduates walked across the stage accepting their diploma and reeling from the excitement of completion. Among the graduates, there were several that earned their degree at the Orlando Distance Site, including a father and son. There were graduates who had parents, grandparents, and spouses that were also graduates of BCF. There was a large group of Christian counseling majors now heading to graduate school and a loud “We love you Daddy!” from the five Ladley children as they watched their dad, Tony Ladley, pick up the treasured honor!

It was a great day in the life of The Baptist College of Florida as fifty-one graduates are prepared and ready to change the world!