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April 22, 2013

Press Photo

BCF President's Granddaughter Samantha Kinchen wins gold medal in USA Boxing National Championship.

Samantha Kinchen, granddaughter of The Baptist College of Florida (BCF) President Thomas A. Kinchen and First Lady Ruth Ann, has become an established boxer and gold medal winner over the past several years. At only 17 years old, Samantha has brought much excitement to her family as she travels all over the country and won major boxing competitions.

Her father, Alex Kinchen, serves at TurningPoint Church in Lexington, KY, and her mother, Gretchen, is a well-established dentist in the area. Samantha's younger brother Thomas, a boxing champion in his division, often aids his sister by being one of her biggest supporters.

Samantha recently participated in the 2013 USA Boxing National Championship held in Spokane, Washington, April 1-6. According to an event feature on teamusa.org, "Samantha wasted no time in her women's welterweight contest... She began firing and landing shots in the opening seconds and didn't let up until the referee stopped the bout at the 1:41 mark of the first round giving Kinchen the TKO victory and the gold medal."

This was not her first gold medal as Samantha has won 4 national titles in the past 12 months including the Junior Olympic National Championship in Mobile, AL. Samantha has her sights set on the 2016 Olympics in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, and is not backing down.

Aside from boxing, Samantha enjoys playing guitar, singing, and participating in her youth group. She also plays basketball for her High School. Samantha is looking at several colleges to continue her education, and plans to follow the footsteps of her mother into the dentistry field, but according to her, it really depends on where boxing takes her.

"You're gonna fail sometimes, but when you fail, it makes winning feel so much better. It's not win and lose, its win and learn. You learn from all those mistakes," she often says, akin to the eloquence of her grandfather. Congratulations Samantha from your BCF family!