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July 19, 2013

Press Photo

BCF Students joined together to pray before leaving for the summer. We look forward to seeing them return in the fall!

The Baptist College of Florida (BCF) in Graceville is making final preparations to welcome new students to the campus as they begin this important phase in their lives. Not only has the campus been a bustle of activity with the summer mission teams, volunteers, and workers on the campus, excitement is building as faculty members return and new students will begin moving into the dorms in just a few short weeks.

In addition to the new students arriving, current BCF students are finishing up summer activities, internships, and returning from mission trips with great stories and amazing adventures. It's a fun time on the BCF campus as students move back into the dorms and renew those lifelong friendships and prepare for areas of ministry, leadership and service, each one with their own special abilities and unlimited possibilities.

BCF offers innovative graduate and undergraduate degrees taught from a Christian worldview in areas of teaching, preaching, leading worship, counseling, living on the mission field, organizing discipleship events, musical performance, business and aviation. The faculty at The Baptist College of Florida is experienced and highly credentialed to teach students what they need to know to reach their educational goals and prepare them for the future. Championing the registered trademark of "Changing the World Through the Unchanging Word ®," The Baptist College of Florida is equipping this generation of students to be everything that God has called them to be.

To view the complete list of courses developed to train leaders to change the world, access the website at www.baptistcollege.edu or call the Admissions Office at 800-328-2660 ext. 460.