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Septemeber 25, 2013

Press Photo

BCF First Lady Ruth Ann Kinchen and Mrs. Gail Floyd, shown here with the Dorm Resident Directors (RD), distributed trays of home-made goodies to the campus.

Each semester, there is a special day that every returning student looks forward to, and every new student learns quickly to appreciate. This special day involves The Baptist College of Florida (BCF) First Lady Ruth Ann Kinchen baking hundreds of homemade goodies and treats for students on campus. The day has come to be known as “Cookie Day,” and it brightens up the day for students and staff all over the campus.

This semester, Kinchen, assisted by Mrs. Gail Floyd, arrived on campus with containers filled to the brim with home-made goodies that included chocolate chip cookies, peanut butter treats, fudge, chocolate haystacks, pretzel clusters, and even a selection of sugar-free delights.

According to Kinchen, due to the fact that many of our students are living away from home for the first time, this heartfelt gesture may help bring students a sense of “home away from home.” Kinchen makes it her goal to do this each semester because of her love for the students and her own memories of living away from home for the first time.

To BCF students, Kinchen is not only known as the First Lady, the Cookie Lady, and the President's wife, but she’s also known for her deep love of Christ and support for those students preparing to serve Him. She is a prayer warrior known around campus for caring and praying for students, helping raise funds for scholarships, and adding that special touch when decorating the campus for the holidays. Her gift of hospitality is truly something that is valued and cherished by her BCF family.