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September 28, 2012

Press Photo

BCF Seniors Anda Scott, Chantel Oney with Business Management Professor Taylor Barbaree.

The Baptist College of Florida's (BCF) Business Leadership students have worked hard this semester in learning the different aspects of business management and the variations in which business management plays in everyday life. On Monday, September 24th, two BCF seniors along with their instructor Professor Taylor Barbaree were able to experience business management first-hand as they travelled to Ward-Wilson Funeral Home in Dothan, Alabama.

BCF seniors Chantel Oney and Anda Scott learned just how vital business management is to any kind of business--even a mortuary. "Many would not immediately equate management with the mortuary profession," stated Oney. "However, the trip emphasized how managerial functions of planning, organizing, staffing, and controlling aides in the success and effectiveness of the organization."

As they walked through the unique U-shaped interior, they learned just how important managerial planning was to the funeral home. The owner explained to them how even the design of a room matters as the specific shape of their building enables multiple tasks to be completed concurrently. He also demonstrated how planning involved focusing on the future and identifying objectives that should be met so that a business can remain successful and efficient.

"While planning was just one of the aspects showcased during the trip, it enabled our Business Management class to see management principles applied and how the various functions of management relate to the overall success of any organization," reflected Oney.

The Bachelor of Arts in Business Leadership degree was launched two years ago and had the first four graduates in May of 2012. In addition to the general education foundation and business major components, the business leadership degree carries the required 18 semester hours of Biblical and theological studies found in all BCF degrees, as well as hermeneutics, contemporary ethical issues, and an additional Bible class. Graduates will be well positioned and equipped to serve in numerous areas of responsibility within the business community, local church, denominational offices, and senior leadership vocations. "We are about the business of producing Christian leaders who are equipped to serve," stated BCF President Thomas Kinchen. "Our world is crying out for Godly leaders in the church and in the marketplace."

For more information on BCF's Business Leadership Program, visit www.baptistcollege.edu, or call 800-328-2660 ext. 460.