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Bringing Education Closer to Home

BCF offers three sites for education across Florida. BCF provides regionally accredited biblical education through our Distance Learning division for students who cannot attend on-campus classes. Through distance education the college gives students the opportunity to acquire theological training leading to a baccalaureate degree utilizing class offerings in regular off-campus classrooms near their homes.

Jacksonville Site

Fruit Cove Baptist Church
501 SR 13
Jacksonville, FL 32259

Jim Robinett, Site Director
Phone: (904) 200-1533
Fax: (904) 287-1579
Email: jwrobinett@baptistcollege.edu
Lisa Potter, Assistant
Email: lapotter@baptistcollege.edu



Site Director: Jim Robinett

Orlando Site

First Baptist Church Orlando
3000 S. John Young Parkway
Orlando, FL 32805

Jim Robinett, Site Director
Cell: (904) 200-1533
Email: jwrobinett@baptistcollege.edu
Lisa Potter
Email: lapotter@baptistcollege.edu
Cell: (850) 415-0270

Campus Contacts

Dr. Robin Jumper, Academic Dean
Email: grjumper@baptistcollege.edu
Phone: (800) 328-2660 ext. 425

Suzanne Hudson, Administrative Assistant for Distance Education
Email: snhudson@baptistcollege.edu
Phone: (800) 328-2660 ext. 540

Lea Scott, Administrative Assistant to the Academic Dean
Email: lascott@baptistcollege.edu
Phone: (800) 328-2660 ext. 414