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Bachelor of Music Education: Instrumental

The Bachelor of Music Education: Instrumental program is designed for students who are preparing to teach instrumental music K-12 in the public and/or private school.

This program builds upon a general education and a biblical / theological foundation, which is required of all students who attend BCF. The bachelor of music education program has two emphases: instrumental and choral from which students may choose. The unique offerings of these programs prepare students with a musical background as well as the teaching preparation required for public or private school. Combined with vibrant worship experiences in chapel, multiple music ensembles, intense academic coursework in education, music, all with a foundation in the scriptures, YOU will be prepared for ministry through music and the classroom from which YOU can change the world.

B.M.E. - Instrumental Course Requirements | 140 Total Hours

General Education Foundation (33 hours)

Specialization required within the General Education Foundation
  • MA 230 College Algebra
  • MH 403 Music History: Antiquity through Baroque*
  • MH 404 Music History: Classical through 20th Century*
  • SCI 201 Introduction to Biological Science
  • MU 202 Technology for Music Ministry OR
    MUE 360 Technology for the Music Classroom
Additional Requirements (15 hours)
  • MA 210 Geometry
  • MA 220 Finite Mathematics
  • SCI 202 Earth Science
  • SCI 203 Physical Science
  • HI 223 or HI 224 American History

Biblical/Theological Foundation (18 hours)

Major (74 hours)

Music Core
  • MT 101 Elementary Harmony
  • MT 102 Intermediate Harmony
  • MT 103 Sight Singing/Ear-Training I
  • MT 104 Sight Singing/Ear-Training II
  • MT 201 Advanced Harmony I
  • MT 202 Advanced Harmony II
  • MT 203 Sight Singing/Ear-Training III
  • MT 204 Sight Singing/Ear-Training IV
  • MT 405 Orchestration
  • MH 201 Music Literature
  • MH 302 World Music Cultures and Missions
  • MH 403 Music History: Antiquity through Baroque*
  • MH 404 Music History: Classical through 20th Century*
  • ME Music Ensemble
    7 semester hours according to principal**
  • MC 210 Basic Conducting
  • MC 410 Advanced Instrumental Conducting and Literature
  • Applied Principal (12 hours)
  • Applied Secondary (4 hours)
  • MG 115 Class Guitar
  • Senior Recital in Principal
  • MUS 101 Recital Lab (Every Semester Enrolled in Music Major)
Music Education Professional Sequence
  • MUE 211 Introduction to Music Education
  • MUE 352 Materials and Methods for the Secondary Instrumental Classroom
  • MUE 353 Teaching Brass and Woodwinds
  • MUE 354 Teaching Strings and Percussion
  • MUE 355 Marching Band Techniques
  • MUE 360 Technology for Music Classroom K-12*
  • MUE 490 Internship in Music Education
  • PSY 307 Developmental Psychology OR
    PSY 309 Adolescent Psychology

* Hours counted in General Education and in total.
** 3 Hours of ensemble credit are counted in General Education and in total.
Note: Those students who fail to take and pass the computer proficiency examination must take IT 101

College Catalog

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