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Christian Studies Major

The Christian Studies major is designed to provide students who have completed an Associate of Arts degree from regionally accredited colleges with an opportunity for ministerial training on the baccalaureate level and to prepare them for church related ministry of various types and for seminary or graduate school.

The Christian Studies program builds upon a studentís general education knowledge through an Associate of Arts degree from regionally accredited institutions. Adding to a studentís general knowledge, BCF incorporates its unique Biblical and Theological Foundation required of every student who attends BCF in every major. Complimenting the foundations is a major with 12 hours in Christian history, philosophy, and theology; 15 hours in bible courses; and 10 hours of ministry courses designed to assist students in their area of interest. This 60 hour 2+2 program will prepare YOU for the ministry to which God has called YOU; are YOU ready?

Christian Studies Course Requirements | 120 Total Hours

Associate of Arts Degree from a regionally accredited institution (60 hours)

Degree must include a minimum of 30 hours of General Education including at least:
  • 3 hours of Literature/Humanities
  • 3 hours of Social/Behavioral Sciences
  • 3 hours of Science/Mathematics
  • 3 hours of Information Technology

General Electives | Must be upper level (2 hours)

Biblical/Theological Foundation (18 hours)

Major (40 hours)

  • BI 212 Biblical Hermeneutics
  • BI, OT, NT courses (15 hours)
  • HI, PHI, TH Courses (upper-level)(12 hours)
  • Practical Ministry Courses (CE, EV, LA, MI, MUT, PM, PR, PSY, STM, WS) (10 hours)

Note: Those students who fail to take and pass the computer proficiency examination must take IT 101

College Catalog

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